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The Most Popular House and Fence Colors

Aug 11

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What are the most popular colors for houses and fences?

House painting is one of the crucial parts of designing your house exterior. The color of the fence and other things that surround it should complement with the style and house color itself. It should be unified to avoid overly mixed up colors that are not good for the eyesight. And for those who plan to sell the property after a few years of living, you should know the right paint color to attract potential buyers and to increase the market value of your asset.

With that, we completely understand that it would be hard to choose the perfect color to paint in your home when there are many options available on the market. Especially when you and your family have different choices of color. If you need some help, better read this one below to get ideas on what color combinations that are good for your home exterior.



Best fence and house color combination

  • The fence color for a light home - If the color of your house is light like grey, tan, and those other light colors, it would be easy to combine it with a white fence. A white vinyl fence would be the perfect combination, or a great black aluminum to add a bit of contrast.
  • The fence color for a white house - If the color of your beautiful house is white, you can either pair it with a white vinyl fence or make some contrast by choosing brown wood or an aluminum black fence. It is easy to find its color combination when it is white, it is a safe color which is why it is the most common house color to every homeowner.
  • The fence color for darker homes - If the color of your house siding is dark green, brown, or other dark colors, a black fence would be a great one to choose from. It would create a unique modern look. But with a dark color, you can a multicolored fence if you are up for a bold style.
  • The fence color for a colorful house - If the color of your house is like a rainbow that has different beautiful colors, white and black are the colors that can blend with it. But some homeowners used grey or silver fence, and it sure did complement it with the house color.
  • The fence color for brick houses - If your house is made from brick, white or black fence would be a great fit for this classic American home.